Our Referral Program

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Doing easy business and earning residual income is what 3pexcel is known for. Our primary objective for marketers is for them to earn daily, weekly and monthly. This form of earning is to encourage all types of network marketers (including slow ones) to be part of our system. Our Earn as U Refer policy is what makes us stand out amongst other commission and rewarding structures in multi level marketing. Over the years, we have kept to our promise of paying our marketers daily and this has moved us to the Next Level.
Join over 100,000 affiliate members doing business with 3pexcel daily.

How our referral program works?

We recommend every prospective affiliate member to read our policy document for marketers before they join our referral program. This document contains guide and ethics of our business plan. To join our multilevel marketing program, you have to purchase our discount card to register into the affiliate program. Upon registration, you would have access to our members portal, your referral link and access to discounted products and services in several categories. With your referral links, you earn immediately you refer someone to purchase our discount card (direct bonus) and also earn on other network downlines/ generations (indirect bonus). View our compensation plan for further information and stay connected to a world of buying, saving and earning.

As a new member of 3pexcel.

New members are given discount cards which are linked to their e-wallets and are also given access to members portal where they can shop for various products and services at discounted rates. Members can fund their eWallets through referrals and through approved funding systems by us. Members can also use their membership cards (discount card) to transfer funds from their ewallets to their local bank accounts and to shop for anything they desire on our ecommerce websites and in partner retail stores offline.